Label Bleue


Label Bleue operation: Mini Transat bound to children


Since 1987, every Mini Transat edition goes hand in hand with the Label Bleue operation.

The Label Bleue implies a double commitment from the Mini Transat skippers. On one hand, they express their desire to adopt a total eco-friendly behavior: no non-biodegradable wastes thrown into the oceans, general behavior concerned about preserving the Blue Planet, ...

On the other hand, every skipper agrees to be sponsored by two classes (one in mainland France, the other one in Martinique) and is committing to exchanging with the children before the departure, give news during the stopover, and then assess this adventure in front of the children at the arrival.

In return, every class will realize a drawing, a fresco, made on sail material (Insigna sticker) that the minist will stick on his/her main sail.

The pedagogic file at destination to teachers willing to accompany Mini Transat 2017 and sponsor a skipper is available below (only in French).

The association Collectif Rochelais pour la Mini Transat is also in collaboration with two organizations linked with oceans protection: l’E.C.O.L.E. de la Mer and Surfrider foundation. They provide pedagogic content available for teachers and people interested in it.