28 years old




Naval architect but currently working full-time on the project

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“Pushing back your own limits, whilst familiarising yourself with the unknown”

“Initiated in the joys of sailing from a very early age by my father, I was lucky enough to grow up in this environment. I love everything associated with the ocean: windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing… The Classe Mini and the Mini-Transat have always inspired me and today I realise what a privilege it is that I’m able to participate in it. As a naval architect, the experience I’ve gained through this project will be another string to my bow.” For Matthieu Vincent, the Mini-Transat is like coming full circle.

“This race enables you to push back your own limits whilst familiarising yourself with the unknown”, he says. “This fantastic challenge has already taught me a lot technically and above all personally, and I have no intention of stopping such a great journey. Aside from being all alone on our little racing machines, the Classe Mini is a massive great family who you can rely on in the good and the tough times.” Matthieu is a competitor to the core and he’s taking part in the Mini-Transat to perform well. With this in mind, he can count on a stellar Pogo 3 from 2018, which he describes as "‘young and spirited’; faster than lightning and wetter than a monsoon!”

Nautical track record:

- 5 years competing on an Optimist
- 6 years on the competitive windsurfing circuit (sport-studies in sailing in La Rochelle)
- Member of the French Youth Team for windsurfing and participation in the World Championships
- Participation in races on the Mini circuit in 2018 (including Les Sables-Les Açores-Les Sables) and 2019 (3rd in the Pornichet Select, 6th in the Mini en Mai)