Valentin FOUCHER
Valentin FOUCHER

Valentin FOUCHER

  • 990 Serie
  • Mini Chorus - CARE BTP
  • drapeau FRA M • 20/06/1993 • 29 years old
  • Lacanau
  • drapeau FRA M20/06/199329 years old
  • Lacanau


After a tour of the Atlantic with schoolmates, Valentin Foucher is preparing to take the plunge in solo configuration this time. It’s a fantastic personal project. I began the campaign with the aim of discovering more about myself and I’m happy that it’s already playing out that way”, explains the skipper, who got the idea of lining up for the Mini Transat EuroChef as he crossed tacks with Mini sailors from the Pôle Mini 6.50 training cluster, who were practising in the narrows, not far from the Charente estuary where he regularly sails.

That prompted me to follow through on the idea of setting sail across the Atlantic, albeit differently somehow, with more of a thirst for performance”, explains the skipper of the Vector 6.50 Mini Chorus – Care BTP, an R&D engineer in the computing domain. I love a challenge and the idea of constantly and continuously making progress”, notes the native of Paris, whose port of registry today is Lacanau in south-west France. His objective over the 4,050-mile course? “Having the right balance of fun and performance. However, I’m well aware that crossing the Atlantic singlehanded on a 6.50-metre boat is no mean feat. Getting to the other side will be the first challenge. I hope I make it, that I get a good feel for offshore racing and that I’m in tune with my boat. If things go well between the pair of us, the rest will follow suit.”


His boat

  • Boat Number: 990
  • Boat Race Name: Mini Chorus - CARE BTP
  • Category: Serie
  • Building year: 2019
  • Modèle: Vector

Label Bleue

His project



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