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Another small step

A computer engineer and sailing instructor, Nicolas is taking a year-long sabbatical in 2019 to prepare for the Mini-Transat La Boulangère. It has to be said that this 32-year-old Breton is not taking this new challenge lightly. “I’m hoping to learn about singlehanded sailing and get a grounding in offshore racing. It’s an opportunity to take things a little further in terms of my cruising apprenticeship. I hope to complete the course without too much hassle, and in terms of scoring, if I’m in the top half of the fleet, that would be a victory in itself!”

Launched in 2002, his prototype number 392 will be one of the oldest boats in the fleet, but her tech spec appealed to Nicolas. “The hull’s chines are aesthetically pleasing. She was within my budget and has all the features of a modern prototype (swing keel, double daggerboards, 100% carbon). I’ve called her Soyouz, partly due to her age. The capsule of the same name is old, but is still used for space scientist/cosmonauts’ return trips between the Earth and the ISS. Let’s hope the same reliability will be transferable from one to the other!”

Nautical track record:

- Mini Fastnet 2019: 19th
- Mini en Mai 2019: 14th
- Pornichet Select 2019: 14th
- Trophée Marie-Agnès Peron 2018: 16th
- BPJEPS Voile