• 138 Proto
  • Poch'trot
  • drapeau FRA M • 29/03/1979 • 43 years old
  • Cherbourg
  • drapeau FRA M29/03/197943 years old
  • Cherbourg


Marked by the misadventure of Michel Morin, a friend of his parents, airlifted by helicopter during the 1993 edition of the Mini Transat, Thomas Grandin decided that, one day, he too would take the start of the race. “At the time, I was won over by the concept of what is a simple and efficient event. It’s a major challenge that takes time and requires a minimum of resources, but the opportunity finally presented itself this year”, explains the Norman, who is having to juggle his time between his passion, his family and his occupation.

Since my arrival on the Mini circuit, in 2015, I’ve never managed to sail in more than one race a year”, admits the sailor, who works as a radiation protection technician in a nuclear reprocessing plant in the Hague. “My goal? To go all the way. My greatest fear is that I’ll be forced to abandon my boat in the middle of the ocean. The boat is a person in her own right to my mind. I feel an attachment to her, just as I did to my first boat, a Muscadet, which I completely rebuilt”, says Thomas, who will be setting sail for Saint-François aboard the oldest boat in the fleet, a Rolland design launched in 1995, which he bought in 2009, before being able to get at her properly. She’s not the easiest of boats. She’s uncomfortable and physical, but she comes with quite a history”.

A history that already comprises four Mini Transats, the first of which was with a certain Bernard Stamm…



  • SAS-BDM - 10th


  • Transgascogne solo - 8th


  • Trophée Marie-Angès Peron - 6th

His boat

  • Boat Number: 138
  • Boat Race Name: Poch'trot
  • Category: Proto
  • Building year: 1995
  • Architecte: Rolland
  • Énergie à bord: Panneaux solaires et générateur

Label Bleue

  • Ecole Du Centre, 85100 Les Sables d'Olonne
  • École primaire quartier Bellevue, 50470 Cherbourg en Cotentin

His project



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