Sébastien PEBELIER
Sébastien PEBELIER

Sébastien PEBELIER

  • 787 Proto
  • Decosail
  • drapeau FRA M • 24/09/1990 • 32 years old
  • Lorient
  • drapeau FRA M24/09/199032 years old
  • Lorient


After a first participation in the 2015 Mini Transat where he finished 14th amongst Production boats, Sébastien Pebellier is making his comeback but this time in the Prototype category. “Six years ago, I was on an old boat without a lot of money. I was running on fumes if I’m honest. This time around I have a better understanding of the race and I’m better prepared. I also have more experience and I’m coming back with a performance objective, but I’m not letting myself getting caught up by my ambitions” he declares. Sébastien is secretly going for a podium finish in the Prototype category, but he also has to balance as best as he can his passion for offshore sailing and his life as an entrepreneur.

It isn’t easy” he concedes. The skipper is at the helm of Décosail, a company based in Lorient that specializes in sail-branding, hull-covering and advertising. He is also helming a 2009 Manuard-designed Prototype. “It’s a relatively old boat but I’ve done a lot of work on it. And since I’ve now had it for quite some time, I know it very well” points out Sébastien, whose love for the Mini Class is long and lasting. Where did it begin? The starts of the Open Demi Clé in Locmiquélic. “I used to live next door in Port-Louis. I liked going and having a look at the boats on the docks. It’s precisely that that made me want to do offshore sailing” says the sailor who was also Class President from 2018 until 2020. He also shares his love for the Mini with his wife Nolwenn, who finished 23rd in the Production category in the 2017 Mini Transat. The Mini 6.50 Class evolves regularly, but what really makes it so popular is the “school of offshore” side of it. In that sense, even though it’s my second Mini Transat, I know I’m going to learn a lot.



His boat

  • Boat Number: 787
  • Boat Race Name: Decosail
  • Category: Proto
  • Building year: 2009
  • Modèle: Sam manuard

Label Bleue

  • École Saint Nicolas, 85100 Les Sables d'Olonne

His project



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