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Céline dares to dream!

“Since I discovered sailing, I’ve developed a real passion for all these skippers who head off to sea. I started pacing the docks, tracking the races and dreaming of heading off myself one day. As such, the Mini Transat seemed like the obvious step forward. This course is a dream come true and I’m doing it in search of adventure and a unique and extraordinary passage.”

Céline Sallés has always been in contact with salt water. Indeed, it was through dinghy sailing (Optimist, windsurfing, 420, Laser) that she participated in her first competitions. From there, she took part in a series of crewed races in Class8 and J80 and got in some cruising on the family boat. Armed with this wealth of different experiences, in 2017 Céline got it into her head to be at the start of the Mini Transat La Boulangère 2019. “I discovered singlehanded and offshore sailing with my Mini”, she explains. Her plan is closely linked to that of Aurélien Dhervilly (proto 429). In fact, they decided to set up their projects together and also train together.

Her Mini is a 2004 Pogo 2. “This little 514 is a reliable boat, which has been sailed constantly and completed many projects. Her name, L’Air de Rien (Without batting an eyelid / naturally) is also the name of my first racing Optimist, with which I competed in my first Coupe de Bretagne in 2001”, says Céline. She certainly has her personal motto nailed: “Dare to dream!”

Nautical track record:

In Mini 6.50:

- Participations in the Pornichet Select (2018 et 2019), the Mini en Mai (2018 and 2019) and Les Sables-Les Açores-Les Sables (2018)


- Dinghy sailing competition
- Crewed racing in Class8 and J80