28 years old


Brest (29)


Medical Student

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“It’s becoming a bit addictive”

“I don’t exactly know why I’ve decided to take on this adventure. I’ve often wanted to head offshore and I think the time was right to do just that. If I hadn’t gone for it now, when would I do it? I’ve heard a lot about the Mini-Transat and I’ve had a few encounters which convinced me that maybe I too could give it a go. Though the Mini-Transat is a major challenge for me, above all it’s the desire to learn and curiosity that’s prompting me to make this journey.”

Passionate about sailing, but also very caught up in competitive gymnastics, Axelle Pillain got into racing late in the day. “I adored the tactical and technical aspect, together with the simple pleasure of slipping along, which I was already familiar with”, she explains. “With every race, I learn a massive amount and it’s becoming a bit addictive. The Mini is doing nothing to quash my enthusiasm, quite the reverse!”

Axelle, who has a PhD in Medicine, is a young woman, who is a brilliant and very determined adventurer. The challenge of the Mini-Transat La Boulangère fits her to a T. “At sea, I experience every moment to the full. Everything takes on another dimension. I live in the moment, without distraction, and that’s what I love”, she says.

Nautical track record:

- Sailing from a very early age on the family boat
- Races in Open 5.70
- Participation in races on the Mini circuit in 2018 and 2019