• 994 Serie
  • AKKA
  • drapeau FRA M • 11/01/1991 • 31 years old
  • Lorient
  • drapeau FRA M11/01/199131 years old
  • Lorient


A business engineer at Akka Technologies – an engineering and technology consulting group, which is also his main sponsor for this Mini Transat EuroChef -, Pierre Legendre has had to juggle his professional activity and his preparation as best he can, making a series of return trips between Lyon and Lorient over recent months in the process. “It hasn’t always been simple, but that makes me all the happier to be at the start”, enthuses the skipper, whose journey through sailing began around ten years ago.

What has prompted him to take the start of the race? Amidst various delivery trips, a few IRC races in the Mediterranean and a variety of experiences as a sailing instructor at the Glénans archipelago in the summer, the native of Saint Nazaire crossed tacks with Olivier Desport, 3rd in the Mini Transat 1999 and winner of the following edition among the production boats. His desire to discover the open ocean only reinforced his passion and with his curiosity for the event being piqued by Olivier, he went on to purchase a Maxi 6.50. I love solitude and marking out my own rhythm, so I’m looking forward to setting sail and being alone at sea. I hope I don’t suffer too much damage. With regards to performance, a position between 10th and 15th place looks feasible”, surmises the skipper, who has excelled in some rather full-on downwind conditions during the pre-season races, which he hopes will translate across to his Atlantic passage.



His boat

  • Boat Number: 994
  • Boat Race Name: AKKA
  • Category: Serie
  • Building year: 2019
  • Modèle: Maxi 6.50
  • Énergie à bord: Panneaux solaire et hydrogénérateur

Label Bleue

  • École Staphane Hessel, 44800 Saint Herblain

His project



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