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“The natural expression of a strong passion”

“I come from Switzerland, a small country that unfortunately is unfamiliar with the taste of salt water, though that is where I first got into sailing by navigating its fabulous lakes. To my mind, sailing isn’t just a sport or a leisure activity. This activity is part of who I am. It’s a sport that groups together so many different disciplines: technology, weather, seamanship, electronics, hydrodynamics… I find that absolutely fascinating.”

Andréa Pawlotzki doesn’t understand his life without taking it out on the water and he finds in the Mini-Transat an event that satisfies his thirst for adventure. “The Mini-Transat is a dream come true; it’s been a part of my DNA forever. It’s impossible to explain, but put simply it’s the natural expression of a strong passion. Freedom and contact with nature are somewhat vague words when you write them down on paper. However, they take on their true meaning when you contextualise them in the experiences you have at sea.”

Aboard his Mini (a 2005 Ginto), Andréa’s focus is on making it to the other side of the Atlantic whilst having as much fun as possible. “If I manage to leave a few boats in my wake then so much the better”, he says.

Nautical track record:

- “I’ve done a fair amount of sailing in my life, but it’s never enough…”
- Participation in races on the Mini circuit in 2018 and 2019