47 years old



Single, 1 child

HR and management consultant

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The same boat for father and daughter

Everyone has their day, but papa first! It’s through an irrepressible desire, shared with his daughter, that Cédric Ohanessian is finally realising a Mini Transat dream that has been going round and round in his head since the edition won by Thierry Dubois. Indeed, it was 1993 and he was working as the head of a network of sailing instructors teaching people how to cruise safely in Les Glénans in Paimpol, northern Brittany. “This 1993 edition particularly struck a chord for me and made me want to do it. But no, I had to be sensible and life took me down another path”, he explains. And so it was, that he branched off into a very active life in Paris in the world of human resources and management.

Yet the passion never left Cédric. Better still, this active entrepreneur quickly passed it onto his daughter, who he’s taken sailing with him since she blew out the candle on her very first birthday cake. From day trips to short cruises, then some offshore jaunts for ten-days or so without stopovers, he soon got into the habit of sailing with his most faithful crew and relished every opportunity to do so. In 2015, at only 15 years of age, the youngster was fast moving up through the ranks of competition and convinced her father to purchase a Mini 6.50. Naturally, she too harbours a dream of competing in the great transatlantic passage too. As such, they set their heart on an Ofcet 6.50, which had just snatched victory in the production boat category with a certain Ian Lipinski at the helm. The pair will do battle on a craft that is made to measure for both sailors.

“Since we’ve had this Ofcet, we’ve been calmly going about our training. 2018 was an opportunity for us to race on the circuit double-handed. For me, it’s the year to prove myself in solo format and gain my reflex actions as a racer,” adds the Parisian. During the race, his boat will sport the name of an association set up with his daughter to support projects by youngsters seeking fulfilment by helping others: “Entreprendre pour la planète” (Take action for the planet). On its journey, it will leave a wake full of meaning: “Partageons les vies de nos rêves” (Let’s share the lives of our dreams)

Nautical track record

Three years as a sailing instructor for safe cruising
Regular and frequent cruises.