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La Rochelle (17)

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Sailing instructor/Skipper

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“The adventure, slipping along, the tough life…”

For the past ten years, Bastian Oger has been regularly getting out on the water. Among his most memorable experiences is a fine transatlantic passage between Mauritania and the Grenadines aboard ‘Fleur Australe’, a yacht measuring nearly 20 metres designed by Philippe Poupon.

Since then, Bastian Oger has studied at the Institut Nautique de Concarneau to become a sailing instructor and skipper, embracing various navigation zones along the way (Brittany, Mediterranean, Greece, West Indies and the Bay of Biscay…). Since 2015, he’s been living in La Rochelle so he’ll be one of the locals of the leg.

But how did Bastian get it into his head to take on this Mini-Transat adventure? “I attended the start in 2017 and that was the trigger for me, so it seemed like the obvious step forward. I love a challenge, the open ocean, the adventure, slipping along and the tough life, when it comes with its share of rewards and thrills! I too want to go fast, I too want to slip along like a man possessed and feel my body put to the test through adrenalin and contemplation. Anxieties are earthbound, once you’re on the water, they fade away.”

Bastian Oger has set his heart on a 2008 Pogo, which hadn’t taken the start of any races on the Mini circuit since 2011. “She’d been abandoned so I think she’s covered more miles in one season than she has in the past ten years!”

Nautical track record:

- Transatlantic passage aboard ‘Fleur Australe’ (Mauritania, Cape Verde, Grenadines)
- Sailing instructor and skipper
- Participation in the races on the Mini circuit in 2018 and 2019