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The first step

For Daniele Nanni, this first participation in the Mini-Transat is a step in the right direction in his bid to realise a long-standing dream: to compete in this race with a new prototype. In the meantime, it’s with a production Mini, launched in 2006, that the Italian sailor is setting sail this year. “She’s a Pogo 2, an affordable and very reliable boat”, explains Daniele. “It’s the perfect craft for a first Atlantic crossing on a Mini 6.50 and a chance to gain as much experience as possible. I trust this boat. During my qualifier, I came up against some very boisterous conditions. It gave me a better idea of her limitations and how reliable she is.”

Primarily geared up for learning and progressing, Daniele Davide Nanni has nevertheless set himself a competitive goal: “To get to Martinique ahead of all the competitors with boats from the same generation as mine.”

Nautical track record:

- Races on the Mini circuit in 2018 and 2019