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“A remedy or some time out was needed…”

“I was 30 last year and love such figures. They have a significance that can’t be ignored! 30 came as a shock to me. It’s a massive jolt in the race against time. A remedy or some time out was needed… Crossing the Atlantic on a carbon racing machine set against the backdrop of my solitude seemed like the perfect cure-all in the bid to thwart this sharp, biting round number.” A marathon for his 25th birthday, a Mini-Transat for his 30th: Fabio Muzzolini is a man who likes a challenge.

Franco-Italian, Fabio was born in the Paris region and grew up in Belgium and Germany, before settling in Brittany, through his love of “boats in the broad sense of the terms”. Graduating in photography, he opted to work as a marketing rep within the Marée Haute yard. He’s taking part in the Mini-Transat aboard an iconic boat, number 716 “Raoul Pastèque”. “In 2009, this Mini made the crossing with my best friend’s brother (Henry Paul Schipman, architect and builder of the 716). I didn’t know the sailor directly, but he inspired me a lot and I dreamed about his boat. I thought it was made for superheroes and I never imagined I’d be in a position to take part in the Mini-Transat. The various twists and turns of life made me change my mind about that and I’m super proud to be at the controls of a machine which still performs so well despite her age”, gushes Fabio. “Last time, in 2017, she was attacked by a marlin following a dismasting. We’re going to try not to end up as sushi this year!”

Nautical track record:

- Participations in races in the Mini circuit in 2018 and 2019 (3rd in the Mini en Mai)