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Short jobs between Mini races

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Small boat, big dreams!

“I’ve decided to participate in the Mini-Transat to really push myself. To learn to sail singlehanded and in race format. To learn about the technical, tactical and strategic elements involved in offshore racing. To discover an environment that I’ve been passionate about for a long time, but have hitherto only embraced from too far off.”

Jean Lorre developed a passion for sailing and yacht racing from the age of 12. He does a lot of dinghy sailing in Brittany’s Gulf of Morbihan, whilst developing a taste for voyaging in all its forms. “The world is my oyster and I love exploring it”, he says. It’s also the theme of his studies since he secured a Master’s in Social Geography at Rennes. During this time, he discovered offshore sailing and night watches during a transatlantic passage between Saint Martin and Saint Tropez. Three months after this experience, he captained a yacht, which he delivered from Faro to La Rochelle. At this point, he decided to participate in the Mini Transat La Boulangère 2019. His reasoning? The desire to return to brave the swell and the need to take this adventure and this dream all the way…

Jean christened his Mini 6.50 (2005) Rasta Rockett. “I wanted a production boat that wasn’t too expensive. The very strained market did the rest of the job” he explains. Very efficient in light airs, this boat has the special feature of having a chart table down below. Rather a rare ‘luxury’ in Mini circles!

A big reader, Jean will carry two works across the Atlantic with him: La société du spectacle (Guy Debord) and Brèves de Comptoir (Jean-Marie Gourio). In his ears will be Dire Straits and French pop music. For him, solitude is both a source of fear and pleasure. “The greatest satisfaction of being at sea is knowing that you’re returning, but not straightaway”, he says.

Nautical track record:

In Mini 6.50:

- Participations in the Pornichet Select (2018), the Mini en Mai (2018), the Trophée MAP (2018), the Mini-Fastnet (2018), the Duo Concarneau (2018) and the Plastimo Lorient Mini (2019)


- Transatlantic passage between Saint Martin and Saint Tropez

- Delivery trip between Faro and La Rochelle