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“Enjoying myself to the max!”

Sébastien Liagre has sailed from a very early age, competing in a lot of round-the-cans races. During his studies, he became a sailing instructor as a summer job. Keen to push himself and refine his technical and physical performance, he got in with the world’s top sailors in the Micro class (5.50m yachts raced by a 3-man crew). In 2011, he earned a place as world number 2 in the discipline.

The previous year, Sébastien tackled a crewed transatlantic on a 55-footer. It’s an experience which counts for a lot in a Mini-Transat project. “I was keen to return to the open ocean in competition mode; I dreamed of a sports adventure”, he explains.
For this major challenge, he has gone for a safe bet, purchasing a Pogo 2 in 2016, which was first launched in 2005, number 589. It’s aboard this boat that he competed in his first major race, the Mini Fastnet 2016, then other events like the Transgascogne 2017 and Les Sables-Les Açores-Les Sables in 2018.

His wishes? “To make the most of the surfs, the landscapes and the encounters. To make Martinique, enjoying myself to the max!” His fear? “Finishing too late and after my reception committee.” Quite understandable when you’re familiar with the fervour of the Mini Transat finishes…

Nautical track record (extracts)

In Mini 6.50:
- 18th in Les Sables-Les Açores-Les Sables 2018
- 24th Transgascogne 2017
- 32nd Mini Fastnet 2016

- World number two in the Micro in 2011
- Transatlantic aboard a 55-foot yacht (in 2010)