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A bold sailor!

“A sense of curiosity is drawing me onwards. I’ve always wanted to go and see elsewhere, to push open doors and try new things. This curiosity is what’s led me in directions I hadn’t planned to take.” For Marie-Amélie Lenaerts, witnessing the start of the Mini-Transat 2017 was the trigger. “It gave me goose pimples that day”, she says. “After four months tracking the race and reading up on it, I’ve decided to set sail on the adventure myself. My main driver: to enjoy it to the full, learn to become a good sailor and come out the other side enriched by this life experience.”

A native of southern Belgium, there weren’t really any early indicators that Marie-Amélie would take to the water. However, at 10 years of age, she discovered Brittany aboard her Optimist. Later on, her summer job as a student was teaching youngsters how to sail… on a lake. Knowing this inland waterway by heart, Amélie felt a little restricted and decided to continue her marine-based experienced in the North Sea. And so it was that her adventure in the Mini-Transat La Boulangère adventure began in 2018.

For Marie-Amélie, the primary objective is to make Martinique with her little 6.50-metre boat. If she succeeds, she’ll become the very first Belgian woman to cross the Atlantic under sail and in race format. Her journey will guided by fun. “I want to power along under spinnaker with some good music and admire the beauty and the power of nature”, she explains.

Nautical track record:

- Participations in races on the Mini circuit in 2018 and 2019
- Volunteer skipper for an association which teaches youngsters to sail in Belgium
- IRC races on a JPK in the North Sea
- Adeps sailing instructor for 7 years (Belgium’s sailing federation)
- Adeps training sessions and competitions in an Optimist