34 years old



Married, 1 child

Meteorologist at Météo France

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A ‘northern’ Mini with big ambitions

Combining a profession and a passion, such was the bet taken up by Pierre Leroy when he launched into preparations for the Mini-Transat La Boulangère 2019. “I’m a meteorologist, it’s my job. For me, the Mini is part of a fully-fledged professional project to become a router and strategist for professional skippers", explains the man who has turned “keep at it” into a motto and a policy.

His fondness for sailing offshore – faraway and for long periods -, and his lust for competition and setting himself new targets, were enough to prompt him to commit to a long-term project put together step by step. A loyal member of the Lorient Grand Large training hub, which he has been faithfully frequenting over the past two years, Pierre gladly makes the journey to and from the Lille region of northern France, where he lives and works. A perfectionist, he is constantly out on the water honing and getting to grips with his Pogo 3 and, coming from northern France, she is christened with beer of course.

Already a specialist of marine forecasting and weather assistance for major sports events (offshore racing, tennis…), this sailor has more than one ace up his sleeve in his bid to successfully get his boat to the other side of the ‘big pond’. His meticulous preparation for the singlehanded race, together with his ability to carve out an inspired wake, already make him a serious contender, capable of sailing a blinder on his oceanic journey to Le Marin. “Taking a strategic risk, full-on stressing, seeing that an option’s paying off (or not…), the close-contact battles, especially at the end of the race when everyone is toast, the packet of dried meat to reward several hours at the helm, the sun that warms your heart in the early hours…” these are just some of the little delights you can enjoy at sea and they are sure to be among the real drivers for this informed amateur. One to watch…

Nautical track record:

The Optimist and catamaran at sailing school, then a spell at the renowned Les Glénans sailing school. A few years as sailing instructor then, still at Les Glénans, onto cruising.
Strategist and navigator within an A35 crew in numerous IRC races: RORC races (Fastnet, Commodores Cup), Spi Ouest-France, Ar Men Race, etc.