37 years old



In a relationship, 1 child

Chief operator / Chief electrician for cinema

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Wide angle, wide ocean

“The adventure begins were competence ends! A quote from Jean Saucet that perfectly sums up the journey I’m on at the moment.” For David Kremer, the decision to take part in the Mini-Transat La Boulangère was a slow and steady process. “I began the Mini because I wanted to try sailing singlehanded. I didn’t really have a competitive mindset and the transatlantic race was still a very vague objective. It seemed somewhat presumptuous to announce that I wanted to do it so ‘soon’. It was only on returning from my qualifier that I knew I could be ready for it, or at least that I could take the race start. I hope the main event will be as enjoyable as the past four years of preparation have been.”

David, who works in the cinema domain as chief operator and chief electrician, has succumbed to the charms of a venerable 1999 proto, the second oldest boat in the fleet. Built by a group of mates in an old shed in La Rochelle’s commercial port, this sail boat will be taking the start of her fifth Mini-Transat. “There was an immediate connection! I continue to be staggered by the amount of things learned, and the amount still left to understand. I hope I’ll be up to challenge and get to the other end in the battle for a good ranking.”

A cinema enthusiast, David Kremer is also an avid reader: “I always have a copy of Jacques Prévert’s “Paroles” aboard, which belonged to my father. Usually, it never leaves the boat. It’s the right format when you want to disconnect quickly. The only time I didn’t have it with me, I dismasted… I’m not superstitious but it would have been nice to find it during my return to land under jury rig!”

Nautical track record:

- Learnt to sail on a 420 in the Gulf of Morbihan
- Class40 delivery trip between the West Indies and Douarnenez in 2013
- Sailing and competitions on a Mini 6.50 since 2014