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“A fine journey into my inner self”

“The Mini-Transat is a project that’s been going round and round in my head for the past four years. I love the open sea and sailing singlehanded and this is the best there is. I hope to enjoy a fine journey into my inner self, a great sail and some lovely moments both on sea and land.”

An anaesthetist, Georges Kick got into sailing late in the day and honed his art through a series of lengthy experiences in Formula 28 and then J80. It’s in 2011 that he discovered offshore sailing whilst delivering a Class40 back from the Azores to La Rochelle, which is where Georges really got a taste for it. “The following year, another Class 40 delivery trip between Lorient and Quebec with Louis Duc served as confirmation that I relished sailing offshore”, he says. The passion became all-consuming, to the point where he could imagine himself participating in the Mini-Transat La Boulangère. In early 2016, he hit the long road leading to qualification for the race with a sturdy Pogo 2 (529), which already knows the way having finished three transatlantic passages.

It’s aboard this boat that Georges Kick will enjoy the pleasures of being at sea to the full: “The sunrises and sunsets, the starry sky at night, the dolphins, the whales and the absence of any hassle…!”

Nautical track record:

In Mini 6.50
- Participation in Les Sables-Les Açores-Les Sables 2018
- 12th Gran Premio d’Italia 2017
- 15th Mini Barcelona 2016

- A ton of sailing in Formula 28 and J80
- Delivery trip from the Azores-La Rochelle in Class40
- Delivery trip from Lorient-Quebec in Class40