• 991 Serie
  • Sport dans la Ville - Time for the planet
  • drapeau FRA M • 20/04/1993 • 29 years old
  • Lorient
  • drapeau FRA M20/04/199329 years old
  • Lorient


More than just sailing, I’ve always been fascinated by offshore sailing explains Jean Marre, who was as far as one can be to sailing having grown up in Saint-Germain-en-Laye in the Yvelines (greater Paris area). There, he played rugby for many years and had a career in public service lined up for him after getting his undergraduate from Sciences Po Lille and his Master’s in Project Management from the University of Paris-Dauphine.

But in 2019 he decided to change lives and committed to his passion. “I met some people who helped my understand that it was possible and that it was up to me to set up my project. It was if the lightbulb turned on” details Jean. He bought a Pogo 2 before joining the training center in La Turballe where he started taking his marks. It was a lot of hard work at first. It isn’t easy starting from nothing he says. At the time, he’d only sailed a little on the lakes of Verneuil-sur-Seine and of Le Pecq, and done three week-long sailing camps at the Glénans back in high-school. I rolled my sleeves up and pushed on. I had a long way to go but I like to learn adds the skipper. He finally left Paris for Lorient before upgrading from his first boat for a Maxi 6.50 – a more recent and better boat – to fully commit to his Mini 6.50 project.

I know that anything can happen on an Atlantic crossing. A Top-10 finish would be really great but more so than the result, what I’m really here for is to enjoy my time on the water. I hope I’ll be able to do things well and validate the two years of learning though hard work. In the end, I’ll be satisfied if I make it over to the other side without making too many mistakes and without too many regrets”.


Sport dans la Ville - Time for the planet

His boat

  • Boat Number: 991
  • Boat Race Name: Sport dans la Ville - Time for the planet
  • Category: Serie

Label Bleue

  • Ecole Penvenan, 22220 Penvenan

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