• 800 Proto
  • PATH
  • drapeau RUS F • 05/09/1984 • 38 years old
  • Lorient
  • drapeau RUS F05/09/198438 years old
  • Lorient


Forced to retire from the previous edition of the Mini Transat in 2019 after dismasting in the middle of the Atlantic, Irina Gracheva legitimately has a sour taste mixed with a feeling of incompletion. So here she is again at the start of the race, but this time she upgraded from her old Tip-Top to a prototype designed by Marc Lombard. A boat previously helmed by Erwan Le Mené, Frédéric Denis and also Gwénolé Gahinet, which has won just about every race on the circuit since its launch in 2011 including the 2015 Mini Transat. This year my objective is clear: to get to the finish line and to do it as quickly as possible! announces the Russian sailor. She quickly took her marks onboard her boat and is now one of the outright favorites for the race. Her assets? More than 20 years of sailing experience and over 15,000 miles sailed single-handed.I always want more but I also know how hard it is to single-handedly sail across the Atlantic on a 6.50 meter-boat. I’m aware that things can get crazy, especially in a Prototype, but it’s worth it. I’m going to have to face my fears and balance my strengths and weaknesses” explains Irina. She is also a project manager in certification of industrial equipment. To combine my work and my preparation for the Mini Transat, I’ve had to work 7 days a week from sunrise to sundown without exception. I’ve worked very hard and tried to leave as little as possible to chance. I hope it’ll pay off.


Her boat

  • Boat Number: 800
  • Boat Race Name: PATH
  • Category: Proto
  • Building year: 2010
  • Type: Lombard

Label Bleue

  • École Paul DOUMER, 17000 La Rochelle

Her project



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