• 697 Serie
  • drapeau FRA F • 11/10/1988 • 34 years old
  • Pôle Mini 6.50 de La Rochelle
  • drapeau FRA F11/10/198834 years old
  • Pôle Mini 6.50 de La Rochelle


The seas, the oceans, the seabed and the animal and vegetable organisms that live there completely fascinate Hélène Clouet. It is no coincidence then that she decided to embrace a career as an oceanographer.

That said, after years of analysing samples, taking measurements, studying the results of dives and the ecosystem, the Norman realised that she ultimately spent more time in front of her computer screen, in her office, than she did on the water. Indeed, she is a researcher, but first and foremost she is an explorer! In this way, she decided to steer her career on a different course. “Three years ago, I actioned a career change and, though it was still related to the sea, I made the switch to offshore racing. My most recent job was in a sail loft and right now I’m devoting my time to my Mini campaign. To my mind, it is synonymous with a search for the unknown, the freedom of being at sea, as well as a way of letting go, with different constraints to those you have on land”, explains the skipper of the Pogo 2 Minus, who today lives in La Rochelle, a town which triggered her switch to racing after she met some of the competitors preparing for the 2015 and 2017 editions there.

For me, the event is going to be an initiatory voyage and a lot more besides, and hopefully it will be the start of something new”, muses the sailor, who loves nothing better than spending time at sea. In fact, this has been the case from a very early age, whether it be on family cruises or in race mode on a Laser, a Grand Surprise or a Class8. Finishing well placed among the pointy boats would be great, because even though I have an older generation boat, I still have a competitive mindset!”



  • Mini en mai - 32nd
  • Duo Concarneau - 40th
  • Trophée Marie-Agnès Péron - 26th

Her boat

  • Boat Number: 697
  • Boat Race Name: MINUS
  • Category: Serie
  • Building year: 2007
  • Modèle: Pogo 2
  • Énergie à bord: Panneaux solaires et pile à combustible

Label Bleue

  • Ecole élémentaire jack Proust, 17138 Puilboreau
  • École élémentaire Petite couture, 17440 Aytré

Her project



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