45 years old


Rennes (35)

Married, 3 children

Director of the Private Bank Crédit Agricole d’Îlle-et-Vilaine Go to skipper medias

“Minimir” goes back to his roots

Jean-René Guilloux is a former top-level sailor and notably boasts a whopping ten participations in the Tour de France à la Voile and a French Offshore Racing Champion title in Mumm 30. He’s a familiar face in the world of racing and goes by the nickname “Minimir”. In taking the start of the Mini-Transat, he’s returning to one of his first loves. “Having criss-crossed various race zones at the highest level for over 15 years alongside and up against some very good skippers, I decided to find fulfilment professionally in property management. However, I’m keen to rediscover the amazing thrill of competitive sailing once again”, he explains.

As such, Jean-René Guilloux got it into his head to participate in the Mini-Transat 2019. “The reasons are too long and complicated to explain”, he says. The project took shape in early 2018 and Jean-René has managed to charter a very good boat, the 915, with whom Benoît Sineau secured 3rd place in the event in 2017. Jean-René has already racked up some solid results so does this bode well for the Mini-Transat?

Nautical track record:

- French Offshore Racing Champion in Mumm 30
- 10 participations in the Tour de France à la Voile
- French No.2 in crewed Figaro racing
- Winner of the Tresco Trophy, Obelix Trophy, Jury’s Cup, Course Croisière Edhec
- Participation in races on the Mini circuit in 2018 (4th in the Plastimo Lorient Mini 6.50) and 2019 (5th in the Trophée MAP)