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Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Lausanne University

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A (very) pressed Swiss skipper

“It might appear hackneyed, but sometimes in life you have to dare to go for it and put your rationality to one side a bit in order to experience the most wonderful things. Other than the desire to be here, there wasn’t a lot to suggest I would take the start of the Mini-Transat 2019.”

A gamble, a challenge… there’s a lot of that for Mathieu Gobet, who got into sailing very late in the day, in 2015, at the celebrated Les Glénans sailing school, where he did his national service. Things would then swiftly shift up a gear for this public management graduate, currently head of research at the University of Lausanne, who devotes the other half of his time to the Mini-Transat La Boulangère 2019. Here he is signed up for the craziest offshore race around, which remains open to all as soon as you dare to adventure and believe in your dreams, as farfetched as they may be.

Mathieu had never sailed singlehanded, spent a night at sea or competed in a race! No matter, he would methodically go about his project and he would begin by getting his hands on a reliable, solid boat which knows the way really well: a Pogo 2, which a certain Gwénolé Gahinet sailed to victory in 2011. “In the space of a year, I took my sailing instructor examination at Les Glénans sailing school and supervised for 6 months. As a result, I have precious little sailing experience at the end of the day. The Mini-Transat will be my eighth race start… so everything’s gone very quickly!"

“With four Mini-Transats to her credit, the boat will certainly be more confident than me on 22 September 2019,” admits Mathieu, who will be lucky enough to celebrate his birthday the day after the start. A fine gift to help him blow out his 28 candles and kick off another year in style, as he prepares to tuck into an action-packed Atlantic crossing, full of surprises.