Giammarco SARDI
Giammarco SARDI

Giammarco SARDI

  • 992 Serie
  • Antistene
  • drapeau ITA M • 03/04/1987 • 35 years old
  • Rome
  • drapeau ITA M03/04/198735 years old
  • Rome


Following his debut on a Laser – a sailing dinghy given to him by his father’s friend -, Giammarco Sardi lined up for the start of his first sports catamaran races. From that moment, there hasn’t been a day without the sea being a part of my life”, assures the sailor from Rome, who has since racked up over 30,000 miles across the Mediterranean, of course, as well as the Pacific and the Atlantic, the latter of which he has already crossed twice.

It’s not enough, it’s never enough!” stresses the Italian sailor, who pulled off a crazy gamble in 2019, by sailing from Senegal to Guadeloupe aboard a 6-metre open catamaran paired up with Tullio Picciolini. There were some tough times, but they were 14 extreme yet wonderful days. A real voyage, in the sense of a journey of personal discovery, coloured by a mix of concentration, effort, hallucinations and reflection”, explains the sailing instructor, who constantly feels a need to push back his limits and discover what’s hidden over the horizon. In this way, the Mini Transat will be a wonderful experience. This race is a real school of offshore racing and the sea in general”, says the skipper, who arrived on the Mini 6.50 circuit in 2018, before setting to on the construction of a Maxi 6.50 the following year. Today, it’s time to take the leap! I hope to have some fun and gain more insight about myself and about singlehanded sailing.”


His boat

  • Boat Number: 992
  • Boat Race Name: Antistene
  • Category: Serie
  • Building year: 2019
  • Modèle: Maxi 650

Label Bleue

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