37 years old


Rennes (35)


Skipper – Sailing instructor

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Internet, the revelation!

It was at the age of thirty, whilst looking for a job on the internet that Damien discovered the universe of the sea and boats. “It intrigued me and I was gradually bitten by the bug. When I came across the videos of the Mini sailors describing their Mini-Transat, I said to myself that they were mad, but I mulled the idea over in my head.” Smitten, Damien then decided to retrain in the boat domain. He spent two years alternating between various boat maintenance technologies and followed that up with instructing people in cruising, which he rounded off with a shorthanded transatlantic passage on a Pogo 30. “My strategy in this process was to learn how to repair and maintain boats before learning how not to break them”.

In 2018, Damien bought his Mini, a 2010 De Beaufort prototype which Keni Piperol sailed in 2017. He’s particularly fond of the boat. “She goes by the nickname “La tortue” (the turtle/tortoise) among Mini prototype sailors! I learnt this a few weeks after buying her and I saw it as a sign as I’ve had one tattoo in my lifetime and it too is a turtle!  In fact, the boat’s first sponsor was the aquarium in La Rochelle, during a period where Aymeric Chapellier was her skipper, hence her nickname, though she’s far from slow. You just have to know how to sail her and that’s another story… Initially, I thought she was full-on, and now, after a few fairly long trips on her, I still enjoy sailing her. I really like my boat.”

Nautical track record:

- Mini Fastnet 2019: 13th
- Mini en Mai 2019: 12th
- Pornichet Select 2019: 11th
- Chrono 6.50 2018: 8th