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Ten years on!

Ten years after his first participation in the Mini-Transat where he finished 16th, Franck has chosen to return to the event. “I’ve already done a Mini Transat, back in 2009, with a boat I’d built and at the time it was like everything I’d ever done in boating had led up to that experience because I’d be sailing from 11 years of age. Today, I miss the open ocean and I’ve never found or felt as much elation helming a boat as I do the Minis. I want to rediscover the fun of the Mini and the atmosphere on land, for which there is no comparison. It’s a singlehanded transatlantic on a human scale, which you can easily share with fellow racers and those who remain on shore.”

This ‘repeat offender’ has bought the 709 for this latest challenge, which is the prototype with which Arthur Léopold Léger finished 2nd in the first leg of the Mini-Transat La Boulangère 2017, just a few seconds astern of the winner, Ian Lipinski. He hopes to make it into the Top 10 with her. “It’s the same model as the one with which Yves Le Blévec won the Mini-Transat in 2007. She has a canting mast, adjustable asymmetric daggerboards and lifting rudders.”

Away from the boat, Franck is a great athlete who loves surfing, swimming and cycling. Long runs slipping along downwind and encounters with marine fauna add to his pleasure at sea, but it’s also an opportunity “to feel vulnerable yet so alive at every instant”.

Nautical track record:

- Professional skipper in the West Indies from 1991 to 1997 (Charter, delivery trips, transatlantic passages), then préparateur-skipper for a yard in La Rochelle.
- A few races in crewed configuration (Cowes-Dinard / Semaine de La Trinité / Semaine de La Rochelle)
- Mini Fastnet 2002
- 16th in the Mini Transat 2009 with a pit-stop due to breaking his bowsprit.