Christiaan DURRANT
Christiaan DURRANT

Christiaan DURRANT

  • 1015 Serie
  • Little Rippa
  • drapeau AUS M • 05/02/1970 • 52 years old
  • La Turballe
  • drapeau AUS M05/02/197052 years old
  • La Turballe


After a successful career within the field of aviation (fighter pilot and then airline pilot), today  Durrant, whose work revolves around helping to empower citizens from war-torn countries, is CEO of the Lancaster 6 group, a company within which he capitalises on decades of experience with institutions right around the world to implement real-time strategies, which improve the lives of vulnerable populations by helping them to attain parity in terms of finance and security.

Alongside his very time-consuming, full-on professional activity, the Australian, who today lives in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, has been sailing and racing for nearly 20 years. “From the Laser to foiling offshore trimarans, I love all types of craft”, raves the skipper, who arrived on the Mini 6.50 circuit early this year, at the helm of the Maxi 6.50 Little Rippa. Class Mini is quite unique. It gathers together sailors who are both awesome and well-informed. Everyone has to demonstrate substantial emotional intelligence during the transatlantic passage and that will lead to a fusion of dozens of exceptional human beings. I find that fantastic and I’m stoked to be part of the adventure”, adds Christiaan, whose goal is clearly to complete the 4,050-mile course. “Crossing the Atlantic singlehanded is an incredible feat, whatever the result. That said, I’m in no doubt that once I’m at sea, my competitive spirit will surface and I’ll push myself as hard as the boat will let me”.


His boat

  • Boat Number: 1015
  • Boat Race Name: Little Rippa
  • Category: Serie
  • Building year: 2019
  • Modèle: Raison Maxi 6.5
  • Énergie à bord: Panneaux solaires

Label Bleue

His project



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