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“I feel like an underdog”

Tanguy Bouroullec is one of the ‘repeat offenders’ in the Mini-Transat La Boulangère. Two years ago, on his first participation, he bagged what he considered to be a frustrating 4th place in the production boat category. “I’d been counting on doing better than that, but I took an option that didn’t pay off. It was still an enjoyable experience though and I decided I wanted to set sail again with an innovative, high-tech project, so as to be bang up to date in the offshore racing environment”, explains Tanguy.

As such, this year Tanguy is competing with a refined Verdier designed foiling scow bow prototype. “The challenge was to design a versatile foiler able to race hard in all weathers and at every point of sail. In the Transgascogne, I saw that my Mini performs well even in very light airs”, says Tanguy.

Given the late launch of his prototype, Tanguy Bouroullec isn’t putting himself under any excessive pressure for a result as he’s well aware that the 969 has yet to prove herself. “The boat is brand spanking new and highly innovative, so getting to the other side of the Atlantic would be great in itself. Competitively I hope the results will follow. I feel like an underdog as I haven’t contested as many races as my main rivals.”

Nautical track record:

- 4th in the Mini Transat La Boulangère 2017 (production)
- Winner of Les Sables-Les Açores-Les Sables 2016 (production)
- 2nd in the Mini Fastnet 2017 (production)
- 3rd in the Mini Fastnet and 2nd in the Transgascogne in 2019 (prototype)
- Participation in the Transat AG2R 2018 (with Tom Dolan)