26 years old


Ars en Ré (17)


Engineer, employee at ALTEN

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“Pulling off a project that seems crazy from the outside…”

Thibault Blanchet has more of a cruising background rather than a racing one. And yet, here he is about to take the start of a big and beautiful race, the Mini-Transat La Boulangère 2019. “The aim is to prove to myself that I too am capable of pulling off a project that seems crazy from the outside: crossing the Atlantic singlehanded on a 6.50m boat without any means of communication”, he explains. “All the project management over the past two years has been very rewarding. I think that experiencing solitude for more than two weeks will be thrilling.”

Thibault used to play top-level field hockey, but his Mini project has become too time-consuming. Preparing for an adventure like this requires 100% of your time. Thibault is taking the plunge with a Pogo 2, number 774, which has a few quirks. “She’s a very reliable and solid boat, which doesn’t get too wet and also has the benefit of a bulb aft of the keel fin, which helps keep the seaweed off it.”

On the quest for freedom, Thibault Blanchet is expecting the good times to roll on the Atlantic: “Late evening, preferably not too cold, under the moon and the stars, is utterly exhilarating, the start of a whole new adventure! Or the wind kicking back in and the boat slipping along and accelerating away on flat seas after a period of calm…”

Nautical track record:

- Participations in races on the Mini circuit in 2018 and 2019
- Annual cruises on an OVNI 41 (passage from Ile de Ré off La Rochelle/Canaries in 2003)
- Crewed sailing on a Kelt 6.20