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Second time lucky!

Among the competing international sailors, just one man really seems set up to go for the win, Ambrogio Beccaria. In 2018, the Italian won five of the six races he participated in, including Les Sables-Les Açores-Les Sables. This year, he’s secured victory in the Pornichet Select, the Trophée Marie-Agnès Peron and the Mini-Fastnet (with his compatriot Alberto Riva). In two seasons on the Mini circuit (2018 and 2019), the skipper has nearly made a clean sweep of the prizes by taking victory in eight of the eleven races.

For his 2nd participation, he will evidently be one of the men to beat in the production boat category. Now equipped with a Pogo 3 launched in March 2018, Ambrogio knows that he’ll be setting sail as favourite, but he’s not putting himself under pressure. “My first two years in Mini, I had an old boat which wasn’t competitive. This time, I was keen to have a more modern boat so I can compare myself to the others and see if I can envisage doing something in offshore racing. The aim is to post a great result and set my sights on victory. It’s a very different experience doing it a second time. Sometimes, when you aren’t familiar with it, you aren’t frightened. Now I know what awaits me so there’s less stress but greater fear with regards what may happen on a technical level. I know I’m setting sail as favourite as I’ve nearly won everything this year, but taking a good kicking in the Transgascogne (12th) is helping me to keep a clear head.”

Nautical experiences:

- Transgascogne 2019: 12th
- Mini Fastnet 2019: 1st
- Trophée Marie-Agnès Peron 2019: 1st
- Mini en Mai 2019: 4th
- Pornichet Select 2019: 1st
- Duo Concarneau Challenge BFR Marée Haute 2018: 1st
- Les Sables – Les Açores – Les Sables: 1st
- Mini Fastnet 2018: 1st
- Trophée Marie-Agnès Peron 2018: 1st
- Mini en Mai 2018: 1st
- Pornichet Select 2018: 6th