• 626 Serie
  • Cassini
  • drapeau FRA F • 24/05/1985 • 37 years old
  • La Turballe
  • drapeau FRA F24/05/198537 years old
  • La Turballe


Anne-Gaël Gourdin likes pushing her limits and facing challenges.

As proof, she has already completed the brutal Transjurassienne cross-country skiing race, but she also finished in 6th place amongst women (and the first non-professional) in the extremely demanding Embrun Ironman in 2011. For her, defining the goals she wishes to achieve is an important mission and the challenge must be ambitious enough to stimulate her competitive spirit.

The Mini Transat fits perfectly in the list of challenges that light her fire. “Above all else I’m here to prove to myself that I can do it” explains the sailor, who is also a calculation engineer at Airbus close to Nantes, where she works on the support side of the production of the A 320s. “My schedule is pretty heavy by the project makes sense. The Mini Transat is one of the most accessible major offshore races. The Mini 6.50s are physically manageable, there isn’t a strength limit between men and women on these boats” details the skipper of the Pogo 2 “Looking for Partners”. Anne-Gaël has years of racing experience in the Laser 4000 class at the European level, as well as rigorous training at the Mini 6.50 Pole at La Turballe for the last two years. “What I’m fearing the most is effort management on the long run and my autopilot’s setting going downwind. In any case I hope I’ll make it to the other side, with a smile on my face and the satisfaction of a job well done”.


Her boat

  • Boat Number: 626
  • Boat Race Name: Cassini
  • Category: Serie
  • Building year: 2005
  • Modèle : Pogo 2
  • Énergie à bord: Panneaux solaires, hydro générateur et pile à combustible

Label Bleue

  • Ecole Salengro, 44400 Rezé

Her project



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