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Victor Montero Suarez: “In an event like this, cohesion is essential”

Alongside Korrigan and the Real Club Náutico de Santa Cruz de La Palma, the company ASMAR has played an active role in the smooth coordination of the Canary Island stopover in this 23rd Mini Transat EuroChef. A stopover staged, for the first time in the history of the race, on the island of La Palma, it has obviously been taking place in a rather special context, albeit a successful one thanks to the great cohesion of the various teams on site. We get the low-down from Victor Montero Suarez, director of the Spanish company.


The stopover in Santa Cruz de La Palma was a first for the Mini Transat. How have things gone?

“When we signed up for this project to organise the stopover for this 23rd Mini Transat EuroChef in La Palma two years ago, we were incredibly happy and excited. I was utterly convinced that Santa Cruz boasted all the necessary elements to be able to host the race. We’ve obviously had to adapt as it’s not easy to coordinate the arrival and the stopover for nearly 90 boats, even if they only measure 6.50 metres!”

 What did that process involve?

“We’ve had to train up the team on site because, as I’ve already said, it’s not easy to coordinate an event of this scale. Questions relating to such things as how to tow the boats have obviously been important and we’ve had to cope with differences in language too. Though that has led to the odd misunderstanding on occasion, we’ve nevertheless managed to show that with good will on the part of all those involved, it’s possible to achieve some great and wonderful things, including in the rather special context associated with the eruption of the volcano on the island. The safety of the skippers has been and remains our priority at every stage.”

We imagine that this has required a few adjustments…

“Adjustments and lots of energy. It’s required a great deal of preparation too. In an event like this, the cohesion between all the different protagonists is essential in ensuring the end result is a success thanks to the efforts of one and all.”

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