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Pierre Le Roy (1019 – TeamWork) third prototype skipper to reach Santa Cruz de La Palma : “Pretty much tied”

Pierre Le Roy was the third prototype skipper to cross the finish line of the first leg of the 23rd edition of the Mini Transat EuroChef this Monday 4 October at 16h51min59s (UTC). In so doing, the skipper of TeamWork took 7 days 03 hours 21 minutes and 59 seconds to complete the 1,350-mile course between Les Sables d’Olonne and Santa Cruz de La Palma at an average speed of 7.80 knots. The gap to the first is 01 hour 09 minutes and 29 seconds.


“Over the last few days, I couldn’t understand why the others were coming back so strong when I was on a direct course. This morning, when I saw a boat on AIS, I thought it was Tanguy (Bouroullec), but when I realised that it was in fact Fabio (Muzzolini), I really wondered how that was possible. Ultimately though, I’m very happy as we all finished together. We’re pretty much tied prior to the second leg, which is so cool. My overall race went well. I broke two things: my radar reflector and my left toe, but the rest is fine. I really played my game well at Cape Finisterre. I feel as if it was a simple thing, because I stayed in the breeze rather than heading inshore. I’m happy I managed to do it. After that, once again, I don’t understand how the other two, and Fabio in particular, made up so many miles on me. There are still things I fumble with on certain points of sail on the boat. Perhaps that has something to do with it, but I’m curious to have a look at the cartography. In any case, it’s cool, the boat is quick. I’m just hoping that the second leg has some strong breeze as ‘boar’ mode, like that I experienced going along the length of Portugal, suits me really well. I wouldn’t say that this leg has been tough, even though we got pummelled in the first front. There was a nasty phase to endure, but for the rest of the drop down the Atlantic, it was more the length of it that I found complicated. By remaining on the same point of sail for such a long time, you had to make choices and small compromises between sails. Once again, I don’t know my boat inside out and I had to rack my brains a great deal, mulling over the sails. Ultimately, one hour nine minutes behind Tanguy and five minutes shy of Fabio is perfect. It’s exactly what was needed. It’s good because the second leg is a big old chunk. I’m eager to get down to it and get going!”

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