The overall podiums turned upside down after the second leg

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Somewhat predictably perhaps, the second leg of the Mini-Transat La Boulangère, between Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Le Marin in Martinique (2,700 miles), has considerably reshuffled the cards in the overall ranking for this 22nd edition. In the prototype category, François Jambou has hit the competition with a double whammy. Taking the win in the second act, he secures outright victory ahead of Axel Tréhin (winner of the first leg). Meantime, after a disappointing 11th place in Las Palmas, the German sailor Morten Bogacki recovered in style to finish 3rd in Le Marin and in the overall ranking. In the production boat category, no one has contested the supremacy of the mighty Italian sailor Ambrogio Beccaria. He finishes ahead of two skippers who still sailed a very fine second leg: Nicolas d’Estais and Benjamin Ferré (the latter also positioned in 11th place after act 1). Among the six sailors who have made it to the podium, four are repeat offenders in the Mini-Transat La Boulangère and two are international skippers.


Prototype: Jambou deposes Tréhin, Bogacki comes out of nowhere to stake his claim
At the end of the first leg between La Rochelle and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, three sailors were bunched together with less than an hour between them. Axel Tréhin (945) snatched the lead just 6 minutes ahead of François Jambou (865) and 56 minutes in front of Tanguy Bouroullec (969). Marie Gendron (930) and Fabio Muzzolini (716) completed the Top 5, ahead of Erwan Le Méné (800). In 11th place, nearly 17 hours behind the first skipper, was German sailor Morten Bogacki, who didn’t really seem like a threat for the outright podium at the time… By masterfully taking the win in the second leg ahead of Axel Tréhin, François Jambou has snatched first place in the overall ranking from his great rival and friend. As such, there was just one podium place still to be awarded. Tanguy Bouroullec and Erwan Le Méné looked poised to take third but they were finally pipped at the post by… Morten Bogacki! The 33-year-old sailor is the great surprise in the prototype category of this 22nd edition.

Production: Beccaria untouchable, d’Estais and Ferré snatch the podium
Winner of both the first leg and the second, Ambrogio Beccaria (943) has been dazzling, fully assuming his status as favourite, and all the pressure that comes with that. One of the most striking facts of this 22nd edition has been the Italian sailor’s capacity to compete with the very best prototypes. Ambrogio finishes 3rd overall, behind François Jambou and Axel Tréhin, a truly outstanding performance. Astern, the battle has been fierce to secure the two remaining places on the podium for the second leg, and in the overall ranking. Before leaving Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Félix De Navacelle (916) and Matthieu Vincent (947) were lying in 2nd and 3rd place. Ultimately, neither of the duo finishes on the podium in the overall ranking. After a 4th place in the first leg, Nicolas d’Estais (905) earned a superb 2nd place in the course to Martinique. He finishes in the same place in the overall ranking. It’s Benjamin Ferré (902) who was the big surprise after finishing 11th in Las Palmas, over 6 hours shy of the leader. At ease from start to finish between the Canaries and Martinique, Benjamin was the 3rd sailor to make landfall in Le Marin. His stellar performance has enabled him to make a massive leap up the overall ranking and snatch the final podium place in the process.  


The prototype podium:
1. François Jambou
2. Axel Tréhin
3. Morten Bogacki

The production podium:
1. Ambrogio Beccaria
2. Nicolas d’Estais
3. Benjamin Ferré