A new member in the team, well... not that new !

26 04


Last week, we announced the arrival of a new member in the team, Duncan, who is in charge of the Label Bleue. Someone, join the team again! We present you a new addition to the team. Well.. New... Are you sure about that?!



CRMT: Hello Berenice, to start this interview, I need to know something very important about you. Are you salty or sweet?

Bérénice: Hahahaha, good question! I prefer salty, I can eat a salty dish at breakfast without any worries. Then again, it makes sense, the Mini-Transat crosses the Atlantic, it's salt water, right?! 


CRMT: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

Bérénice: I grew up and lived in Chartres until I obtained my high school degree and then I did a Bachelor's degree in Tourism Management at La Rochelle Business School between 2014 and 2017. I did my internship at the end of my Bachelor's degree in the organization of the Mini-Transat for the 2017 edition. I continued my studies on a Master's degree in event communication at the University of Brest, and here I am today for a second and last internship to complete my studies (at least I hope so)!  In any case, I am delighted to come back to La Rochelle, but especially within the Mini organization for the 2019 edition!


CRMT: Another crucial question, what is your astrological sign?

Bérénice: You will then be delighted to know that I am Aquarius, and therefore I have a strong personality and I am an idealist. Well, that's according to the horoscopes, do you believe it or not? 


CRMT: More seriously, what made you want to join the CRMT team (again)?

Bérénice: First of all, I really enjoyed my first experience in 2017, I learned a lot about organizing an event and all the communication around it. It necessarily made me want to come back to work as part of a great team. I admit that I didn't know anything about the world of sailing and the Mini before my first internship, and it looked like a fly that came to bite me with this madness!  (no, but who crosses the Atlantic on such a small boat, alone and without communication with the earth? - not me, that's for sure!)But also, because the different tasks assigned to me correspond perfectly to my professional projects, namely: the management of the various social networks and the promotion of the race through them, the writing and distribution of newsletters, the animation of the network of private and/or public partners. And then for this time, I hope to be able to find the skippers on the other side of the Atlantic!