A new member in the team, it's a boy..!

18 04


Actualité Présentation

CRMT: Hi Duncan, you're new to the team, barely a week old and you just joined the Mini Transat team for the Label Bleue. Today we're going to ask you a few questions to introduce you to our skippers but also to know you better. Are you ready?

Duncan: Yes, I'm ready.

CRMT: First of all, tell us about your background and where you come from?

Duncan: So, I come from Tamatave, a city on the east coast of Madagascar. I lived there my all life and left my island after graduating from high school. Afterwards, I went to study in Saint-Pierre on Reunion Island, then in Granada in Spain and finally in Caen, in the North of France. Currently, I am in a Master of Arts specializing in Audiovisual and Digital Project Management at La Rochelle University. And yes, my university career is a little bit crazy, I went from accounting to audiovisual, through sociology and languages.

CRMT: It's not seems bad, now we have another question a little more difficult, just for you and it's the most important one... if you had to reincarnate, in which animal would it be?

Duncan: Uh... I think I would be a maki, you call them lemurs. In my country, makis are considered as ancestors who have reincarnated, their gaze is very expressive and close to that of humans. They are above all very gentle and friendly but because of this, they are threatened of extinction and most of the species are endemic to the island, they do not exist anywhere else. I would like to be a sifaka, they marked my childhood, this species has the particularity of dancing on the ground to go from tree to tree, as a child I imitated them.

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CRMT: We heard that you have a little nickname with an anecdote, can you tell us more about it?

Duncan: My mother always called me Doudou, everywhere, even once in a parent-teacher meeting at school in front of my geography teacher. Big mistake, for the rest of the year and even after that, this teacher called me Doudou in front of everyone... but after all, Doudou is always easier to say than Duncan.

CRMT: What made you want to join the Mini Transat team?

Duncan: I had seen the ad on my university's website, I hesitated for a long time. The children scare me quite a bit, ironic when you know that my mother has a school in the far reaches of the world. But I would always remember this feeling, as a child, of discovering something new and extraordinary, and that's what the Label Bleue does: make children discover a world they didn't know, that of the skippers and the ocean, and all this with an eye towards the environment and the problems linked to pollution thanks to associations. The beauty of the Label Bleue is about making several generations interact.