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Be more than just a spectator of the Mini Transat, become one of its key players!

Joining a friendly and dynamic community, feeling helpful while acquiring new skills, participating in one of offshore sailing’s biggest events, sharing common values of sport: here are some of the reasons that could motivate those that would then join the great team of volunteers of the 23rd edition of the Mini Transat! In total, there are around one hundred volunteer positions to be filled between September 8th and September 30th in Les Sables d’Olonne. The only requirements: to have some fun and to commit to the assignment!

Varied activities that are challenging, humanly enriching and carried out in good spirits in an extremely stimulating setting. It’s worth the try wouldn’t you say? “All volunteers are welcome as long as they adhere to the spirit of the Les Sables d’Olonne Course au Large Club and that of the Mini Transat” explains Marc Chopin. Sharing, fair-play, surpassing oneself, motivating, helping each other out, bravery and many more… “It is very important to us that our volunteers proudly represent our values of diversity, respect and solidarity. We are always stronger together, and together we will always go a long way!” adds the event organizer. As of now, Marc and his team are looking for around one hundred volunteers, each one vital to the smooth running of the village and more generally, of the race. “We can already count on the support of the Bénévoles des Olonnes. This association has a large number of volunteers that can help the event. Reception, vetting, controlling access to private parking spaces verifying the accreditations… The missions of these volunteer women and men are numerous” details Marc Chopin.

Volunteers are indispensable. They take care of essential tasks” confirms Marine Clémenceau, President of the Bénévoles des Olonnes association which provides assistance to sporting and cultural events of the greater Olonnes area. “We are systematically present during the highlight events of the city such as the Vendée Globe or the Golden Globe Race. Our 150 permanent members, to which temporary volunteers are added, voluntarily work to ensure that these events run smoothly. For us, being present at the start of the Mini Transat which is an event that opens up the doors of offshore sailing is an evidence” declares Martine Clémenceau. For them as for all those that want to be a part of the adventure and help with the successful running of the event without become a member of a specific organization, various missions are offered between September 8th and September 30th depending on availability (half-day or full day, between 9am and 6pm). Setting up and disassembling the race village, preparing the welcome bags, vetting access to the village and the pontoon, managing meals for the organizers, logistics for the support vessels, helping out with the safety checks across the fleet, greeting school classes on the village or driving a press boat. A vast array of roles to fill. Do you have free time, extra energy and a will to live extraordinary experiences? We’re waiting for you!

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