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Mini Transat 2021: 126 pre-enrolled for 84 spots!

Since the official start of the registrations for the 23rd edition of the Mini Transat on December 15th, the organizers have been overwhelmed by the number of applications. To this day, no less than 126 applications have already been submitted for only 84 spots available, proof of the race’s success and that the attractiveness of the Class Mini 6.50 is ever-growing. As of now 58 sailors have met all the prerequisites but 68 sailors still have to go through the selection process if they wish to be on the starting line this upcoming September 26th. As is it, never has the race for miles been so fierce, but there are still eight months and fifteen races yet to go to let the hopefuls get their precious entry ticket.

Online registrations for the next Mini Transat officially opened on Tuesday December 15th and – as was expected – the first spots were grabbed up in minutes. As of today, no less than 126 skippers have indicated their intention of taking part in the race. With a grand total of 84 spots available, this 23rd edition will most likely be sold-out. For the time being, 58 sailors have handed in a complete application and meet all mandatory qualification pre-requisites: to have sailed more than 1,500 miles in races on the Mini 6.50 circuit, with at least one 500-mile leg and one single handed race; but also to have sailed a non-stop 1000-mile qualification race on the same boat.

A crowd at the gates

The selection process is drastic to be sure, but also irrefutable, favouring only the sailors that accumulate the necessary miles at the earliest. Therefore, the race for miles has already begun, and will carry on with enthusiasm and will even intensify over the upcoming months. On that topic, some good news for the hopefuls. First, there are still 26 spots up for grabs (with a majority of these for prototypes). Next, fifteen events are scheduled on the 2021 Class Mini 6.50 calendar, including seven in the Mediterranean and seven in the Atlantic. All are scheduled between March 6th and August 9th. Finally, a first registration list of validated applications has just been drafted, this list will continue to evolve regularly up until September. Updated weekly, it will allow the 68 sailors, who are at the moment only pre-registered for the much talked about Mini Transat, to be updated almost in real time on the progress of their application.

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