Let’s talk smart, let’s talk about news! The Label Bleue returns this year with some novelties!

03 04



But first, what is the Label Bleue for our unfortunate porpoises who would not know it?

So, the Label Bleue is 32 years of commitment to the protection of the environment and the education of children in primary schools thanks to the Mini Transat, a mini’s sports event, a sailboat of 6.50 meters. This operation is based on the human and generational exchange, the skippers, before and after their great travel in the Atlantic, will give their knowledge and experiences to our young aspiring sailors. These 84 skippers, men and women, will talk about their skills and life aboard a mini in French but also in Spanish and English as sailors from around the world come to try their chances in this race. The Label Bleue also offers a school program that classes, who participate, can follow throughout the year, never Mathematics and French will have been so loved.

On the majestic veils of minis, we will see drawings of primary classes of Europe and Martinique disappear off La Rochelle. The novelty, going through the Canaries, our experienced skippers will make a stop and local schools will also be entitled to an exchange with our skippers before the departure of the minis for the New World. On arrival, they will be welcomed by Martinique and its students where our adventurers will discuss the trips they have encountered.

Accompanied by environmental associations, L.E.C.O.L.E de la mer and Surfrider Foundation Europe, the Label Bleue builds a village from 12 to 22 September on le basin des chalutiers in La Rochelle with stands to raise awareness about marine life, pollution and environmental protection. This year's theme "Protect Marine Biodiversity", then brigands, ready to board!