Less than 48 hours before the arrival of the leaders!

12 11


A race is never over till it’s over as the saying goes. However, it’s hard to imagine how the 2 leaders, François Jambou (965) in the prototype category and Ambrogio Beccaria (943) in the production boat category could let victory slip between their fingers now. With 419.3 miles to go for François Jambou and 538.3 for Ambrogio Beccaria, the 2 men are expected to make the marina in Le Marin on Thursday morning.


So with first place seemingly in the bag in both fleets, in their wake there are an increasing number of candidates for the remaining podium places! Indeed, third place is very much up for grabs in the prototype fleet, with Erwan le Mené (800) and Morten Bogacki (934) embroiled in a thrilling match race. As for the battle for supremacy in the production fleet, 5 competitors are grouped into 40 miles. At the last position report, it was still Benjamin Ferré (902) and Nicolas D’Estais (905) in 2nd and 3rd spot. However, whether it’s Pierre Le Roy (925) who’s attempted a S’ly option, Félix de Navacelle (916) positioned further to the North or Guillaume Quilfen (977) going for an option right down the middle and currently in 6th place, all 3 are still in contention for a great place in Martinique. Verdict in a few days’ time…

Ranking on Tuesday 12 November at 16:00 UTC


1- François Jambou (865 – Team BFR Marée Haute Jaune) 419.3 miles from the finish
2- Axel Tréhin (945 – Project Rescue Ocean) 97.9 miles behind the leader
3- Erwan Le Méné (800 Rousseau Clôtures) 242.4 miles behind the leader


1- Ambrogio Beccaria (943 - Geomag) 538.3 miles from the finish
2- Benjamin Ferré (902 – Imago Incubateur D’aventures) 82.1 miles behind the leader
3- Nicolas D’Estais (905 – Cheminant-Ursuit) 86.8 miles behind the leader