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Lennart Burke, 21th Production Boat in Saint-François : “Doing the Mini Transat was the best decision I’ve made in my entire life”

Lennart Burke (943) crossed the finish line of the second leg of the 23rd edition of the Mini Transat EuroChef in 21th place in the Production boat fleet this Monday 15 novembre at 08h 43min 16s (UTC). In this way, the skipper of Vorpommern took 16 days 18 hours 43 minutes and 16 seconds to complete the 2,700 miles of the course between Santa Cruz de La Palma and Saint-François. His combined race time for the two legs equates to 27 days 11 hours 51 minutes 09 seconds.

“It was crazy! It’s quite something to cross the Atlantic on a boat measuring 6.50 metres. I couldn’t have imagined it would be like this. I didn’t have a lot of breeze and it’s hard to keep your spirits up when it’s like that. It was slow. I had some minor glitches, like everyone else I imagine. One day things were great mentally, two days later they weren’t… I had a book. I never read at sea but this time it came in useful. I’d already crossed the Atlantic beforehand, but here things were different. You constantly had to focus on going faster and unfortunately when I listened to the weather and position reports I realised that I wasn’t quick enough. No matter though, doing the Mini Transat was the best decision I’ve made in my entire life. I’ve learned so much! It was so hard! It’s the best possible school if you want to become a good sailor. In addition to the technical side, it’s also an incredible experience mentally too. I’ve learned a lot about myself. What will I take away from this race? There’s always another leg and you must never give up. That’s the lesson from the Mini: never give up. That sentiment went round and round my brain and I didn’t give up, that was the only way to go (Laughs)! Now I’m going to have some time to take all that in. I’m so happy to see my friends and family. One thing for sure is that I’m going to continue sailing and I hope to cross the Atlantic again. You must never stop doing it, it’s so great!”

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