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© Les Sables D'Olonne ©Alexandre-Lamoureux

Launch of operation “One skipper – One storekeeper” in Les Sables d’Olonne

© Les Sables D'Olonne ©Alexandre-Lamoureux

We want to integrate the Mini Transat into the city of Les Sables d’Olonne”. That is the objective of the operation launched collectively between the organizers of the 23rd edition of the race and the Office of Trade and Crafts of the city of Les Sables d’Olonne. “Our goal is to create a bond between each of the 84 skippers in the race and a storekeeper from the city. We already implemented a similar operation last summer with the participants of the Les Sables – Les Açores en Baie de Morlaix race and the downtown storekeepers. It was a resounding success. This time round we want to involve all of the stores throughout the city as this sponsorship system will help create a strong local dynamic. It will certainly unite the city around this 2021 Mini Transat, one of offshore sailing’s premier events” assures Guillaume Ségretin, President of the OTC. This young association, created in January 2020, will give a KDolonne gift certificat worth 10€ to every sailor.

In concrete terms, this sponsorship operation is not a financial operation but rather an exchange of services. It will also bring support to the sailors in the build-up to the start, from September 16th until September 26th. “In the long run, we hope that the storekeeper can become the local contact for the skipper. And in that sense the possibilities are diverse. It could be for example providing accommodation, lending tools, giving a helping hand or providing advice… and in exchange the skipper will share his experience with the storekeeper” explains Marc Chopin, Director of Korrigan, the event organizer. He is convinced that this sponsorship will provoque a joyful competition between the various storekeepers once the start of the race has been given. But also that it will create encounters, and that experiences and stories can be shared. In the end, he hopes that it will create a bond that will allow the skippers and the local storekeepers to share a human adventure.

If you are a storekeeper and would like to support a skipper enrolled in the race, please write to


Picture ©Alexandre Lamoureux
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