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Launch of Blue Label operation

Since 1987, every edition of the Mini Transat has gone hand in hand with the Blue Label operation. Within this framework, the sailors must first commit to adopting a behavior that is entirely respectful of the environment, and secondly they must form a bond with a class of young children before, during, and after the race. In this regard, the organizers offer teachers an illustrated educational booklet which addresses various themes such as mathematics, with problems to calculate the positions of the boats, geography of course, but also information about life onboard, marine fauna and renewable energies. For this 23rd edition, these booklets will be distributed to 4th and 5th grade students and will be available before the summer. Enrollment in the Blue Label operation is reserved for teachers and officially opens this Monday March 8th 2021.

Raising awareness amongst children in school is an issue very close to the heart of the representatives of the class Mini 6.50, who have long understood that sailing races – and in particular the Mini Transat – are the perfect opportunity to illustrate the themes brought up in the school program. In this regard, and with the help of the organizers of the 23rd edition of the race, educational booklets and exercises have been created by teachers to work on in class in a variety of subjects (such as French, geography, history and mathematics) around themes such as sailing, the ocean and the exploration of the world. A gold mine of information that is targeted this year to 4th and 5th grade students who in return, will paint a fresco on sailcloth that every sailor will display on their main sails. “The booklet that we are handing out for this 2021 Mini Transat has around 60 individual note cards. A vast majority is already freely available to download, and we invite every teacher who wishes to take part in this operation with their class to enroll as of today on our website “, says Marc Chopin, the organizer of the next three editions of the Mini Transat, who with a team of teachers from the mainland and from Guadeloupe have put together a program with exercises, short instructive texts and game on seven key themes: the race, the planisphere of Earth, the skippers, major discoveries, security and life onboard, maritime code, and waste management. 


An event to raise awareness

This final topic, which has been very present in the news lately, has been put together with the help from the teams of the Water Family. Their purpose is to educate about water protection, our health and the health of all living things with an approach based on positive education and a promotion of good practices. “Our goal is to act well before problems occur to avoid pollution and over-consumption of water, which is rare and precious. Our primary action aims at educating young generations, who are the key for a lasting change in our society and in the way we live our lives, starting today” explains Alice Potiron, who is in charge of the Water Family in Loire-Atlantique. The association will be present on the Race Village leading up to the start this coming September in order to raise awareness amongst a young audience about these eco-friendly issues. This will be done through workshops that will be set up around the themes of water and the environment in partnership with Trivalis, a local public authority joint venture which conducts surveys and works on home waste management in the Vendée department. “Since 2009, Water Family has developed entire education programs for schools, businesses and events. In this edition of the Mini Transat, our goal is clearly to reduce as much as possible our impact on the environment, as well as the impact of the sailors. The Water Family and Trivalis will assist us on this issue, and will also help us find alternatives” states Marc Chopin, who wishes to make this event into a true educational project so that everyone can become an actor of change.


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