The Label Bleue and its partners

07 05


Our partners are back for a new edition!

Barely a month ago, we informed you of the Label Bleue's operation and its involvement in the Mini Transat La Boulangère race, which will start this year on September 22 from La Rochelle.


Knowing that you have already read our previous article on the Label Bleue and that you already know that it sets up a sponsorship between the skipper and three classes around the world (one from mainland France, one from Las Palmas and one from Le Marin in Martinique), we will not repeat this wonderful intergenerational exchange with you again, which is closed by two magnificent drawings on the theme of marine biodiversity that will be on the large sails of the mini at the start of the race.

Today, we will talk about our partners who enjoyed the adventure of the 2017 edition so much that they came at short notice to participate again in the Label Bleue operation! It is therefore with great pleasure that we will meet again the ECOLE de la mer and Surfrider Foundation Europe in our village which will be organized in the Bassin des Chalutiers from Thursday 12 September 2019! They will both be there to talk to you about the protection of our dear friend the ocean, its marine biodiversity and give you the tools to become true defenders of nature! Throughout our event and during class visits to the village, these two associations will organize activities for children and also for grown-ups! Come and talk about the ocean, fish, marine mammals, overfishing and plastics in a wonderful exchange with volunteers who will be more than happy to show you how to reduce your environmental impact.

Surfrider Foundation Europe Logo

It should not be forgotten that the Label Bleue is committed to the values of environmental protection, which has been of great concern in recent years. Since 1987, we have been upholding these values, and now it is all the more important that we act together. So, feel free to come and see Surfrider Foundation Europe, which is currently fighting for better regulation of international shipping due to the sinking of the Grande America, all with one objective in mind, that future generations can admire the beauty of our oceans! And come and see the ECOLE de la mer, which is committed to awakening the minds of our young kids by offering them knowledge about the fragility of our ecosystems and the coastline!