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The Mini Transat – EuroChef 2021 opens its doors to 90 racers!

Once again, the Mini Transat has been the victim of its own success. Indeed, since registration opened on 15 December 2020, no fewer than 137 skippers have been jostling for entry tickets. However, for contenders everywhere, the rule has been followed to the letter from the get-go with just 84 tickets being up for grabs. Now though, the race organisers, in agreement with the Class Mini 6.50, the Fédération Française de Voile (French Sailing Federation), the maritime authorities as well as the host venues, have rallied their efforts together to boost their reception capabilities and have opted to flesh out the number of entries for this 2021 edition to 90. That equates to six extra sailors, all of them having already satisfied the qualification criteria for the race, so they will now be able to fulfil their ambitions of competing in the event!


Initially limited to 84, the number of entries in the Mini Transat – EuroChef 2021 has now officially been increased to 90, this Monday 6 September, with exactly 20 days to go till the start of the first leg. “Strict qualification criteria designed to guarantee the sailors’ safety as much as possible are set out for each edition, which means that there is a limit on the number of competitors. Within this context, candidates who have satisfied all the qualification demands are added to a waiting list and, ultimately, don’t get to take the start of the event once this number is reached. Though it’s impossible to satisfy everyone’s expectations, we’ve pulled out all the stops to give as many sailors as possible a chance of setting sail on the race and the best we can do today is 90. Therefore, we can open the doors to six new sailors this year”, explains Marc Chopin, President of the company Korrigan, event organiser, who has naturally had to make a few adjustments to deal with this increase in participants. “We’ve worked with the ports of Les Sables d’Olonne, Santa Cruz de La Palma and Saint-François with the aim of coming up with a solution. Everyone has agreed to play the game and make the extra effort to accommodate the additional boats. Unfortunately, it is impossible to stretch that number in excess of 90. As a result, not all the skippers currently on the waiting list will get their wish, but we’re very happy to be able to welcome six more boats to take part in this Mini Transat – EuroChef 2021, provided that they are all able to provide us with the completed registration and medical files”, stresses Marc Chopin, who this morning confirmed the participation of Nicolas Cousi, Hélène Clouet, Basile Bourgnon, Antoine Bos, Tanguy Aulanier and Chloé Le Bars.

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