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José Jaubert : “Delighted to have been able to host the Mini Transat in Santa Cruz de La Palma”

In charge of co-organising the Canary Island chapter of this 23rd edition of the Mini Transat EuroChef with the company Korrigan and the entity ASMAR, the Real Club Náutico de Santa Cruz de La Palma has greatly contributed to the success of the stopover by opening the doors of its amazing facilities to the event, as well as incorporating the services of the Canary Island government, Cabildo Insular de La Palma, the town council of Santa Cruz de La Palma, the Santa Cruz de Tenerife harbour authority and Calero Marinas – Marina La Palma. Interview.


After nearly three weeks, the stopover in Santa Cruz de La Palma is now drawing to a close. What’s your view on how things have played out?

“We’ve been delighted to host the Mini Transat EuroChef over the past few weeks after having worked on this project for two years. From the moment we saw the first boat make her approach on Santa Cruz, it’s been a sheer delight and this delight was no less intense right the way to the arrival of the last boat. It was incredible to see everyone finishing here and then going on to share some convivial moments together.”

You’ve pulled off an amazing feat by co-organising a fine stopover despite a very unique context as a result of the Cumbre Vieja erupting on 19 September…

“Yes, all the feedback we’ve received from the skippers has been very positive. They feel very at home on the island of La Palma, which is obviously something we’re very pleased about. The volcano context has involved a lot more work on our part, as well as requiring real drive to make the stopover a success despite the circumstances. It’s important to acknowledge the fact that this volcanic activity has punctuated the race, because it’s added a degree of uncertainty to the mix, but the Mini sailors have realised that despite that, life goes on even with the ash falling, which is why I invite one and all to come to La Palma to see it for themselves, whether that be by sea or by air.”

Can we already set a date for two years’ time?

“We’d sincerely like to have the opportunity to host the race on the island again and we really hope that the company Korrigan, the Class Mini 6.50, as well as the skippers of course, are pleased with the work we’ve put into hosting the event over the course of this 23rd edition. We would really be absolutely delighted to play host to them again in 2023, albeit under different circumstances”.

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