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Jay Thompson (936 – #Cocotopia), 9th Prototype skipper : “This first leg was an adventure from beginning to end”

Jay Thompson was the 9th Prototype skipper to cross the finish line of the first leg of the 23rd edition of the Mini Transat EuroChef this Saturday 9 October at 6h37'45"(UTC). In so doing, the skipper of #Cocotopia took 11 days 17 hours 7 minutes and 53 seconds to complete the 1,350-mile course between Les Sables d’Olonne and Santa Cruz de La Palma.


“This first leg was an adventure from beginning to end. I knew there would be things that would go on during the race that would be unpredictable, but I hadn’t imagined that I’d encounter an orca and that it would make off with the lifting surface of one of my rudders after spinning the boat round 360 degrees! Was I frightened? I didn’t even have the time to be scared as it all happened very quickly. Afterwards, I had a bit of DIY to do once I got to Spain and then I set sail again. I’ve also had a few issues with my keel. I think it’s to do with the bronze bushing, which was a bit worn after the second night. We were beating into the waves in the front and I could feel it knocking. I think it’s okay but there’s clearly a bit of play so I’ll haul the boat out to get a good look at what’s going on. I have slightly mixed feelings on finishing the leg. It was a race involving some introspection as we spent a fair amount of time in light airs and I thought about different things. It’s strange because it took me five years to put this Mini Transat campaign together and so far nothing’s played out as I’d imagined. In the end, everything’s been positive all in all, though there have been highs and lows. Roll on leg two!”

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