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Irina Gracheva (800 – Path), 4th Proto to cross the finish line of leg 1 in Santa Cruz de La Palma. “I did not race in the best conditions”

She arrived on Tuesday 5 october at 01H 22 min 44 s UTC. It took her 7day 11h 52 min and 44 s to complete the 1350 milles


“I feel sad and a bit disappointed as it wasn’t the best race for me. I wasn’t racing in the best conditions as I felt seasick from the start, which sapped a huge amount of my energy as I was ill for five days. I was likely a bit lazy at changing sails and stacking after that. In the end, it’s a fourth place, which obviously isn’t a bad position, quite the contrary. It’s a good start to the race for me in terms of points as I’m aiming for the Top 5 in Guadeloupe. I do feel a little sad for all the competitors who stopped to let the storm roll through offshore of Galicia. However, I am very happy for Fabio (Muzzolini). I know that the past few months have been tough for him and his 2nd place is a nice reward. The passage around Cape Finisterre was a key point in this first leg and it was interesting on a tactical level. I’m happy to have been part of the leading group and happy to arrive in La Palma. Right now, I’m dreaming of a good shower as it’s been a very wet leg.”

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